The (not so) Magic Kingdom

Just over a week ago I arrived, with overexcited family in tow, at Disneyland Paris. I'd been looking forward to the trip for weeks - well and truly fluffed by Disney's preparation emails and their 'Magically yours' signoffs. I, for one, could not wait to be welcomed to the heart of the magic...


The rides were fantastic ("Xtreme" according to a nearby seven-year-old), the 'cast' incredibly helpful, the attention to detail amazing. But I am not so sure about the presence of magic. Perhaps I am too old, perhaps my expectations were too high, but I think I expected things to be a little more, well, trippy. A little more like this perhaps...




(for a fuller view of the Disney experience Adrian Hon recently spent a week on a Disney Cruise - his thoughts are here and pictures here)

iPad 1st impressions (because it has to be done)


OK i guess if you have a blog and you have just bought an iPad you are remiss in your duties if you don't throw together a first impressions post.

At work I've been somewhat grandiosely (and prematurely considering that prior to yesterday I'd had about 8minutes experience with one) as a new class of computer, The *Family* Computer. I picked one up yesterday (32GB, wifi only) and I think *I* am going to like it - but hell, when don't I like shiny shiny new Apple products. 

So now I have one I am taking it, with my family, away for a week to put them both through their paces and to see whether I've spent the last three months talking nonsense in the office..


I've loaded it up with family entertainment - some films and tv programmes, lots of music and some games (my wife, who is not a gamer, is already hooked on Drop7).

We'll be back in a week or so and a full report will follow then.


PS this post was written using squarespace's iPhone app which is just about useful. Sorry about the big picture, and also links have been added on an old fashioned laptop computing device. Decidedly non-magically.

Geotagging isn't just useful

Blurred message

Interesting contrast between Sony's new ad for their 3D TVs and Sharp's for their 'four colour' Quattron sets. Sony show you what 3d TV looks like on your and my decidedly 2D screen while Sharp elect to use George Takei to sell the message that your TV is too primitive to display the extra colours visible on the Quattron. Now, I'm not in the market for either a 4th colour or 3D tv but Sharp's ad seems too much of a suspension of disbelief - 'We can't show you these extra colours, you'll just have to believe us.' Popping down to John Lewis to verify their new yellow for myself is just too much effort, I'm afraid.



"You have to see it to see it"



"Please do not adjust your set"



"There is no final victory waiting for Pac-Man, only an empty half-maze full of ghosts."

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